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Lose Those Liability Gaps

Ross Williamson Like most of you, the attorneys at the Local Government Law Group started the New Year by making New Year’s resolutions. But, as local government junkies, some of our resolutions can be a little “different”. This year, we skipped the weight loss resolution. Instead, we are resolving to help our clients lose those […]

The Appropriate Role of Elected Officials for Collective Bargaining

Diana Moffat From our Spring 2015 e-newsletter When local governments (cities, counties, and special districts) are negotiating successor Collective Bargaining Agreements with their unions, it is good to take some time to think about the role of elected officials in the process. Elected official involvement is critical for successful negotiations. But should that involvement extend […]

Construction project in your future? Remember 1.5% for green energy!

Ross Williamson From our Spring 2015 e-newsletter Is your public entity considering a new building, or the major renovation of an existing building? If so, you need to consider whether state law requires the inclusion of green energy technologies in your building project. Oregon law requires public entities, including local government entities, to spend 1.5% […]

Employment Investigations: When Should We Hire an Outside Investigator?

Christy K. Monson From our Spring 2015 e-newsletter Most employers understand that they have a duty to promptly and fairly investigate employee complaints, especially where discrimination, harassment or retaliation is alleged. However, even sophisticated employers may not have given much thought to when they should hire an outside investigator as compared to handling the investigation […]