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Conducting a 360-Degree Review for Local Government Upper-Level Managers/Supervisors

Diana Moffat From our Fall 2015 e-newsletter As we enter a new fiscal year, have you given thought to conducting a performance evaluation on your upper-level managers, supervisors, department heads? Getting performance feedback benefits our upper level management staff, just as it benefits our other employees. For upper level management, other than City Managers, County […]

Marijuana Issues for Local Governments

Lauren Sommers From our Fall 2015 e-newsletter On July 1st recreational marijuana became legal in Oregon. Folks 21 and over are allowed to grow up to four plants, and to possess 8 ounces of useable marijuana, 16 ounces of solid marijuana products and 72 ounces of liquid marijuana products per household. Those 21 and over […]

So You Wanna Piggyback?

Carolyn H. Connelly From our Fall 2015 e-newsletter More and more clients are asking about “piggybacking” onto a prior contract for the purchase of some item without going through a formal solicitation process. This authority was clearly granted by the legislature in 2005, with the adoption of joint, permissive and interstate cooperative procurement statutes (ORS […]

Tis’ the Season, the Season for Bargaining!

Diana Moffat From our December 2015 e-newsletter What does the Holiday Season mean to you? Gathering with family and friends? Lots of good food? Lots of shopping? Getting ready to ring in a New Year? Gearing up for bargaining season? Yes! In the human resources and labor relations world the approach of the Holiday Season […]