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The Local Government Law Group

Over one hundred government entities — from cities to special districts and counties — rely on the Local Government Law Group for counsel on legal and policy issues. Our group’s focus on plain language legal advice, paired with on-point policy insight, has proven invaluable for many Oregon governments.

Our Attorneys

The Local Government Law Group attorneys boast a wide range of specializations, but we all share the same dedication to providing responsive, common sense, collaborative support to clients. From bond measures to public record requests, land use to labor negotiations, our team offers the high level of specialization your government requires. We leave no category of government law unsupported.

Latest Articles

Serial Meetings and Oregon Government Ethics Commission Oversight

Did you think public meeting hazards couldn’t get stickier? Think again! The 2023 Legislature adopted House Bill (HB) 2805, which amends Oregon’s public meetings law in four ways.

Ordinances, Resolutions, Motions, and Orders

In law school, one of my professors encouraged students to review familiar rules (Rules of Civil Procedures or Trial Court Rules) no less than annually to avoid complacency in our knowledge and understanding of them. This is a practice...

Tis the Season for Bargaining

What does the Holiday Season mean to you? Gathering with family and friends? Lots of good food? Lots of shopping? Getting ready to ring in a New Year? Gearing up for bargaining season? Yes! In the world of public sector government, the approach of the...

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