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Our team of attorneys is often asked to speak on specialized topics that affect public entities. The following listing provides you with an idea of the categories of our expertise. Email us if you would like more information about any of the following presentations.

      • City Council Workshops
      • Planning Commission Trainings
      • Public Contracting Trainings
      • Public Records and Open Meetings Law Best Practices
      • Land Use Fees Workshops
      • Employment Actions from Hiring to Termination
      • Marijuana Updates & Issues
      • Council and District Board Best Practices for Effective Meetings
      • Labor Relations
      • Identify Theft and Governments
      • Effective Council and Staff Relations
      • Sick Leave Laws and Personnel Policies for Governments
      • Government Ethics Law
      • Intergovernmental Agreements
      • Urban Renewal
      • Managing the Manager – Councils and Boards as Supervisors