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Holy BOLI! The Impact of Final BOLI Rules on Employer Equal Pay Analyses

Dan Lawler From our Winter 2019 e-newsletter In November of 2018, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) issued administrative rules to explain your duties as an employer under the Equal Pay Law, which, among other things, offers some protections from liability for employers who conduct an “equal pay analysis.” This means that you […]

HB 2016 Post Janus, MORE OR LESS?

Diana Moffat From our Summer 2019 e-newsletter On June 20, the Governor signed into law HB 2016. The Freedom Foundation, a staunch support group for cases like Janus and limits on public employer union rights and privileges, called HB 2016 the “Unions’ Latest Love Note to Themselves.” And a love note, it is! The Freedom Foundation claims […]

Demand to Bargain over SB 1049
Are you one of the lucky ones?

Diana Moffat From our Summer 2019 e-newsletter Since the 11th of June, 2019, when Governor Brown signed SB 1049 into law, numerous public employers have received Demands to Bargain (DTBs) filed by their unions over the impacts anticipated to employee benefits and compensation because of the new law. What should you do? First, these DTBs are […]

Nothing PERSonal, It’s Business… An Update on SB 1049

Dan Lawler From our Summer 2019 e-newsletter On June 11, 2019, Governor Kate Brown signed SB 1049, which aims to reduce unfunded liability in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), which currently sits at over $25 billion dollars. The law introduces a number of measures to help fund the system, including changes to PERS member […]