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The Appropriate Role of Elected Officials for Collective Bargaining

Diana Moffat From our Spring 2015 e-newsletter When local governments (cities, counties, and special districts) are negotiating successor Collective Bargaining Agreements with their unions, it is good to take some time to think about the role of elected officials in the process. Elected official involvement is critical for successful negotiations. But should that involvement extend […]

Conducting a 360-Degree Review for Local Government Upper-Level Managers/Supervisors

Diana Moffat From our Fall 2015 e-newsletter As we enter a new fiscal year, have you given thought to conducting a performance evaluation on your upper-level managers, supervisors, department heads? Getting performance feedback benefits our upper level management staff, just as it benefits our other employees. For upper level management, other than City Managers, County […]

Tis’ the Season, the Season for Bargaining!

Diana Moffat From our December 2015 e-newsletter What does the Holiday Season mean to you? Gathering with family and friends? Lots of good food? Lots of shopping? Getting ready to ring in a New Year? Gearing up for bargaining season? Yes! In the human resources and labor relations world the approach of the Holiday Season […]

~PREPARATION COMES BEFORE SUCCESS~ Tips for Preparing to Bargain your Next Collective Bargaining Agreement

Diana Moffat From our November 2016 e-newsletter As most of you know, my email signature line is followed by the adage: “Preparation comes before success, even in the dictionary.” That statement is especially true when it comes to preparing to bargain a successor Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with your union(s). Do you have a CBA […]