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Role of a Union Representative at an Investigatory Interview

Diana Moffat From our May 2017 e-newsletter This question often arises: “We have scheduled an investigatory interview with an employee based on alleged violations of policy. The employee has now told us that his labor representative and/or labor lawyer is going to be in attendance. What do we do? What is the allowable role of […]

2021 Oregon Legislation Police Reform

Diana Moffat From our Summer 2021 e-newsletter The following bills, amongst others, came out of Oregon’s 2021 recent legislative session. The following bills could be of interest to you as you navigate your relationships with your unionized public-sector employees. The bills outlined below contain just a summary of the newly enacted statutory requirements. You should […]


Diana Moffat From our Summer 2021 e-newsletter On August 25, 2021, the Governor of Oregon issued a Temporary Administrative Order (PH 38-2021) which provides for “Vaccination Requirements to Control COVID-19 for Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Staff.” This Temporary Order is effective from 08/25/2021 through 01/31/2022, unless modified or extended. What we know as of August […]