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Homeless Camp Removal Requirements

Mark Wolf From our November 2016 e-newsletter More and more communities throughout Oregon are faced with issues related to homelessness. One such issue is how to deal with illegal campsites on public property and the mess left behind when residents move on. At times, these campsites are abandoned and other times, cities or counties act […]

A Handy Article for Public Meetings Advice

Mark Wolf From our February 2017 e-newsletter The Oregon Supreme Court recently released its opinion in the public meetings law case, Handy v. Lane County, 360 Or 605 (2016), which reversed the Court of Appeals, in part. However, the Supreme Court did not address “serial meetings” in its decision. As such, the practical effect of […]

Recent Changes to Public Records Law

Mark Wolf From our November 2017 e-newsletter The Oregon Legislature passed four public records laws last session – SB 481, SB 106, HB 2101, and HB 3361. This article focuses on the impacts of SB 481, which among other things, sets time requirements that public bodies must meet when responding to requests for public records […]

Budget Process in 4 Simple Steps

Mark Wolf From our February 2018 e-newsletter It’s hard to believe that it’s already February and budget season is ramping up again. If you haven’t already done so, the first step in the budget process is to appoint a budget officer. Typically the budget officer is the chief executive officer (i.e. the fire chief or the […]