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2022 Public Contracting Rules Update

Many of you have previously adopted our public contracting rule packet. As you know, our packet is based on the AG’s Model Rules, with changes that simplify and tailor those rules for our clients – plus add exemptions not available under the AG’s Rules.

Food, Travel and Lodging

Carolyn H. Connelly As you are probably aware, Oregon ethics laws impose limits on the value of gifts that public officials (such as city councilors, board members and staff) may accept from entities with a legislative or administrative interest in the decisions made by those public officials. There are several exemptions from these gift restrictions. […]

So You Wanna Piggyback?

Carolyn H. Connelly From our Fall 2015 e-newsletter More and more clients are asking about “piggybacking” onto a prior contract for the purchase of some item without going through a formal solicitation process. This authority was clearly granted by the legislature in 2005, with the adoption of joint, permissive and interstate cooperative procurement statutes (ORS […]

2016 Public Contracting Rules Update

Carrie Connelly From our December 2015 e-newsletter As you are aware, ORS Chapters 279A, 279B and 279C (the “Public Contracting Code” or “Code”) has been in place since March 1, 2005. Since that date, the legislature has amended some aspect of the Code nearly every session. The 2015 legislature’s changes went into effect on September […]