Diana Moffat


Diana Moffat is our labor relations expert. She is recognized statewide for her expertise at the bargaining table. Before representing governments, Diana served as a union attorney. This experience lends her critical insight during the bargaining process. Diana most recently served as the Executive Director and lead labor lawyer for the Local Government Personnel Institute, where she bargained over 200 collective bargaining agreements. Her labor practice includes drafting collective bargaining proposals, researching comparative wages and benefits, presenting all proposals and justifications at the bargaining table as chief spokesperson and assessing counter proposals. Diana has represented numerous public employers in the mandatory mediation process, as well as in interest arbitrations.

Diana has advised governments regarding disciplinary proceedings. She has also presented unfair labor practices and unit clarification matter cases to the Employment Relations Board. Diana is well versed regarding employment issues such as: overtime pay, light duty, medical determination, seniority, annual evaluations, vacation, medical insurance coverage and sexual harassment issues.


In addition to her practice of law, Diana gives a lot of her own time to provide various state-wide trainings and presentations on Local Government Labor matters. In her spare time, you will find Diana on her ranch, way out in the country, tending to her menagerie of rescue horses, llamas, goats and dogs.


J.D., Cornelius Honor Society, Environmental and Natural Resources Law Certificate, Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College (1986)
B.A. Environmental Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara (1983)

Practice Areas

  • Union contract negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Interest Arbitrations
  • Contract drafting and interpretation
  • Contract Arbitrations
  • Employment Relations Board Hearings