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Avoiding Common Personnel Pitfalls

Christy K. Monson From our November 2017 e-newsletter We’ve noticed that many cities and districts often make the same personnel mistakes. So, in the interest of helping you avoid some of these common pitfalls, we’ve listed what we consider the costliest mistakes below. If you’d like advice on any of these common errors, please don’t […]

Time to Dust Off Those Working Rules

Christy Monson From our Spring 2021 e-newsletter If your Board or Council hasn’t already done so, now is the time to find those Council or Board Rules (sometimes called Working Rules of Order), dust them off, and re-read them. Often edits are called for, both to clarify your governance processes and to customize them for […]

Pregnancy Accommodation Law

Christy Monson From our Winter 2020 e-newsletter Oregon has a new pregnancy accommodation law. These types of accommodation requirements should be pretty familiar to employers because the ADA and Oregon law already requires that we accommodate certain employees with disabilities. However, the new law now automatically extends these requirements to pregnant women who are not […]

Telecommunications/Cable Franchise Update

Christy K. Monson From our Winter 2019 e-newsletter A while back some of you may have received an email from the League of Oregon Cities explaining that the Federal Communications Commission was in the process of taking testimony about how cities and other local governments collect fees from cable and telecom companies for the use […]